Our Story

Founded by specialty insurance veteran Arthur Seifert and his son, Barton, Amynta EOB’s business strategy is simple; focus on great products for the small to mid-market, be extremely easy to work with, always respect and be grateful for independent agents and compensate agents fairly for the work they perform.

Ease of Business…Ease, Speed and Accuracy

Amynta EOB is fanatical about making the independent agent’s life easier and more productive. From digital short form applications to timely indications and bindable quotes, if you are serious about efficient production, then you need Amynta EOB.

A recent J. D. Power survey revealed support/communication in the quoting process are the keys to agent satisfaction. “Carriers/MGAs that focus on ease of business achieve high satisfaction scores from agents. Carriers/MGAs focused on ease of business facilitate agents spending more time with clients providing value-added service to their customers”. Welcome to Amynta EOB.

We believe in and are dedicated to the independent agent. Supporting the productivity of independent agents is a cornerstone of our mission. Our founding principles make clear how we work with agents:

Our Promise

We clearly communicate our appetite and work hard not to waste our agents’ time. We deliver on our promises without putting agents through the ringer. We listen to our agents. We engage in problem solving that help our agents solve their clients’ problems.

At Amynta EOB our team is accessible, competent, and has a winning attitude. We are best in class problem solvers. We are creative, accountable and experienced.